Wiring Information

The BA/BF/FG Pcm’s all have provision for 3 connectors, however the ‘C’ connector is only utilised, and will have pins present only on some models (ie BA/BF Turbo, BA/BF LPG, BF 4 and 5 speed Auto, FG Turbo)

The ‘A’ connector goes to the engine harness and connects items such as the coils, injectors, sensors, throttle body etc

The ‘B’ connector interfaces the PCM with the vehicle,  and provides power to the PCM, connects to the pedal, diagnostics connector etc.

The ‘C’ connector is used on some models to operate the automatic transmission, boost sensor, and boost control solenoid, depending on model

For a full list of pinouts and wire functions, please see the related pages

PCM A connector

PCM B connector

PCM C connector

The connector pinouts are as follows, looking into the back of the connector where the wires are (or when looking into the ecu) – the connectors themselves have numbers on the back here the wires go into them at positions 2,10,13,22,25,33,36 and 45 for the A&B connectors)


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